Sunday, January 9, 2011


Tuesday morning

Well, i'm not sure if its late monday night or tuesday morning.. but i froze over.. like literally.. i underestimated the climate when i went to bed without socks..
somehow survived till morning.. and they tell me it'll go down another 15 degrees before we reach Delhi... o.0"

now there are really nice sloping hills and grass fields outside... we passed a river and more fields.. different crops though.. more lush green and yellow stalks...
tried to watch the scenery through the train door.. but was beaten back by the icy wind...

had a pear for breakfast.. and some biscuits... feeling hungry now... hope to get some food in the next station...
which is Agra..

Tuesday afternoon

Finally, Delhi!! no one can say I haven't visited the capital now!! bwahahaha...
first look at the place, dirty, busy, large buildings.. i'm really in a city..
we boarded in the church union guestroom.. very beautiful building..
our church seems to have a knack at getting posh places for their union offices.. :P

Met a traveling africano sharing our guestroom.. Herbert from Uganda.. he has a really impressive traveling log book. traveling solo to so many different places as a NGO volunteer.. Nice to have him around since he has already explored Delhi for 3 weeks..

Mission number 1... to meet up with our fellow Malaysian E who is stuck in Delhi with severe food poisoning in his friends place..
We decided to meet up in central market... mode of transport: metro!!
Can't believe it!!.. the metro is a subway system which connects all the important places in Delhi.. Consisting of some 6 lines it maps out something really really similar to the singapore mrt..
In fact, its so similar to singapore that i had a temporary flashback...
until the crowd part... which really hit me. that singaporeans are really disciplined people... hmm...
but it was impressive..
the rest of the night showed me something better than KL.. as i remember it..
the weather, the buildings, .. and to some extent, the people... yeah.. there is such varied forms of people.. and all of them have such beautiful eyes!!

Had something like fried noodles, and eg roll, something like the huger version of popiah... all from roadside shops which really reminds me of Petaling street..
yes, we are a bit adventurous for eating in these places, especially one of us already had diarrhea.. but, yeah... we enjoyed it.!!

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