Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22

Wonder why,
people put so much emphasis on a single day...
its not like new year, where it is the start of a cycle of plans and dreams
not like independence, or labour or father's day or mothers day to commemorate wonderful people who put in wonderful work for the society..

yet when it comes....
there is anticipation, there is excitement, there is a funny feeling inside..

always remember a friend who told me..
birthdays should be celebrated with your mum..
afterall, its the day when she suffered the most for you and i..

but then...
i'm not so philosophical
at least i try not to think too much..
for me
birthday is just

another day of life
another day to share with people who matter the most
another day of enjoyment
another day to witness
another day of realising our dreams

Happy birthday to me...
but i recently found not 1 but 2 friends who share the common date on the Julian calender...
Happy birthday to you too