Friday, January 7, 2011


had a wonderful sleep... woke up around 9:30.. the first thing that greeted me was the blaring of the train horn.. guess I'll get really used to that after a while..

had a small devotion together with the guys... then breakfast time!! Have I ever told you how cheap Indian food can be?? We got some lime rice, and briyanis and an omelet less than Rs100!... and there s enough enough for lunch too.!

the guys friends of the girls we were sharing berths with arrived.. it seems that they are traveling in a different coach.. one of them, J studied in a SDA school previously... had a casual chat...

India is beautiful! there were acres and acres of farm lands and its harvest time! the golden fields are really golden!.. and the laborers are cutting the rop by hand and piling up the hay.. i think...

weather is becoming cooler too.. something that reminds me of our northwardly journey..

today is the day of names... counting the names of the stations we pass by... Chitor, Gugha, Nellore... tongue twisters all of them.. try Balharshahah..

forgetting the names.. we had a great time talking.. then playing cards... then the guys had to study.. so i went to find a friend who was also traveling in the same train.. talked to her and her dad... then spent a bit of time watching a movie too..

in the night, we said goodbye to our new friends who's getting off at nagpur... and they gave us a rose..??

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